Lessons from the Bottom eBook Leah Frazier

"Powerful. Reading about her lows has definitely helped me to reflect on the lessons of my own lows and inspired me to share my story! Thank you for never giving up!"

Erica, Amazon reviewer

Sometimes You Have to Take a Loss, to Truly Experience Gain. This is My Journey to Success.

Lessons from the Bottom is a candid and honest reflection of one entrepreneur’s rugged journey to success, after leaving a blossoming career in law to navigate the rocky roads of full-time entrepreneurship in fashion and marketing. Relying 100% on her calling from God, she believed that there was no way she could fall -- until failure, loss and devastation came knocking at her door.

Lessons from the Bottom chronicles a brief and painful period into the personal and business failures of author Leah Frazier as she openly discusses her bumpy journey to the top. Riddled with shame, embarrassment and confusion, Leah (for the first time ever) shines a light on the real outlook of entrepreneurship, all the while steadily believing God’s plan for her life and the notion that He would never forsake the promise he bestowed upon her. Stripping her down mentally, physically, emotionally and materialistically to almost nothing, Leah learned powerful lessons about herself, resilience and an even deeper depth as to who God is as He re-fashioned her from the bottom up. 

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Lessons from the Bottom eBook

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